Ultra-Efficient Housing: The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority Strategy (Stephan Tanner & Tim Delhey Eian)

Room 2 • 10:30 – 11:00 AM • Friday, Oct. 19


Housing accounts for a large amount of energy use and Carbon pollution. Public housing in particular has not seen many retrofits and refurbishments. Therefore, public housing offers the potential for significant performance improvements with the help of the Passive House paradigm, which offers the potential to elevate public housing tenants to take a leadership role in greenhouse gas reduction, and completely redefine the paradigm. Together with the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, Intep embarked on a journey to establish the ultra-efficient housing strategy for an entire portfolio consisting of single family homes, duplexes, townhomes, low and high-rise buildings—over 5,000 units in total.


Swiss-born American architect Stephan Tanner has over three decades of experience with high- performance real estate development, planning and design around the globe. Stephan is founder a principal of Intep Minneapolis, and co-owner of TE Studio. He is also founder, board member and designated executive director of the North American 2000-Watt Society Institute. Under Stephan’s leadership, Intep Minneapolis designed the first certified Passive House project in North America in2006—the Waldsee Biohaus. Stephan also started Peak Building Products and Tanner Windows and Doors with his son Robert Tanner to support the Passive House movement in North America by supplying Passive House certified building materials and technical support to architects, builders and clients who build the future today.


Tim Delhey Eian was born and raised in Germany. He is a master carpenter and a graduate of the architecture school at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany), from which he received and engineer’s title in architecture. Tim moved to Minneapolis in 2001. He is a certified Passive House consultant and designer. In 2008, Tim founded TE Studio and in 2010, he joint Stephan Tanner at Intep. Both companies pioneer high performance architecture in North America and are responsible for some of the continent's first Passive House projects. Tim is a co-founder of the Passive House Alliance, founder of Passive House Minnesota, a board member of the NAPHN and technical committee member at iPHA.