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Don’t miss RESET: Monitoring & Certification for IAQ, find out more below:

What is RESET?

RESET is the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification program, RESET harnesses the power of technology and employs continuous monitoring to measure a building’s performance. Similarly, PH, a program renowned for its science-based approach, proves that efficient design leads to energy savings and reduction in carbon footprint.

Written as simple acronym, “R-E-S-E-T”, stands for the larger themes of Regenerative, Ecological, Social, and Economic Targets and is as unique in its approach as it is poignant in its name.  

The RESET Standard focuses on the operational phase of a building’s performance and uses a methodology that entails both data collection and reporting for improved analytics on entire building systems.  The approach allows for more acute understanding of singular components as well—right down to the individual materials that make up built environments.  Said another way, RESET defines how to collect building performance data so that it can be leveraged to help protect the health of building occupants and our ecology as a whole.

Passive House projects can greatly benefit from the ability to collect data from their projects in accordance with the RESET methodology, being able to prove in numbers and data what was already surmised; that the benefits gained from PH projects in both energy savings and comfort, also contribute to improved air quality.

RESET Standard Modules

RESET is organized into a series of modules, each serving as a foundation for uniformity for data collection as it pertains to the built environment.  Developed and peer reviewed by a cross-section of design professionals and technical experts, the RESET modules strive to harmonize data collection methodologies without hindering the creative process that is core to the design community and forms the very foundation of our industry.

RESET does not employ prescriptive design tasks that must be adhered to, but rather, outlines end-goals to be achieved.  Project teams are encouraged to use creative and exploratory pathways to attain these goals because RESET believes that an open approach results in a wider spectrum of case studies with dynamic solutions.  Collectively, these ideas can then be tapped into by subsequent project teams. By fostering innovation without compromise, RESET frees project teams to do what they do best—solve complex challenges with great design!

This is great news for Passive House teams as dual certification will not hinder efforts towards PH but support them.

Come learn more with Anjanette Green at the RESET Workshop!

Wednesday, June 25th at 9am At Building Energy Exchange.