RESET Air Accred Prof Training & Exam (Anjanette Green)

Full Day Workshop • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM + 1 hour lunch (included) • Wednesday, Oct. 17


We can survive for weeks without food, for days without water, but only for minutes without air. Health begins with air. The RESET™ Air certification targets the environmental health of occupants, starting with people and indoor air quality and is the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven, indoor air quality building standard and certification program. The standard taps into the power of continuous monitoring to provide useful building data that can be leveraged for proactive uses. By setting standards for the monitoring, reporting, and documentation of indoor air quality, RESET™ Air data can be effectively communicated to project teams, building owners and occupants alike. Like Passive House, the RESET™ Air standard is non-prescriptive and allows project teams to account for the dynamic nature of the built environment, differences in mechanical designs as well as regional, functional and even occupant behavioral nuances. This unique approach to analyzing indoor air quality maximizes the opportunity for place-based solutions and more importantly, encourages design innovation that can help reduce overall project effort and operational costs.

Anjanette Green, co-author and Director of Standards Development for RESET™, will lead this 8-hour technical intensive, reviewing two standards in detail: RESET™ Air for Commercial Interiors and RESET™ Air for Core & Shell. Immediately following the intensive, registrants can take the RESET™ Air Accredited Professional practical exam to verify comprehension and deployment calculation capabilities.

PREREQUISITE for the training: completion of the RESET™ Air Training webinar modules found at the links below, free of charge. (The RESET™ Air Accredited Professional Training program is a two-part program consisting of a knowledge exam, taken online and a practical exam proctored on-site.)

Recommended: bring a laptop and power cord to the training as you can have the RESET Air Standards open on your laptop for reference during the written exam.


Anjanette Green is Senior Fellow, co-author and Director of Standards Development for RESET™, spearheading the world's first certification program to utilize continuous monitoring to measure the health performance of the built environment. Anjanette was consultant for the first certified RESET™ Air projects in the world and has been on the forefront of research and critical analysis of the health and well-being of building occupants for the better part of her career. With 17+ years of experience in Architecture and Design, Anjanette has specialized skills in regenerative design technologies and has advised on single and multi-attribute building and material certification projects across the globe. Working with clients from China to New Zealand she has analyzed materials and manufacturing processes to provide solutions for some of today’s most challenged sectors.

As a materials analyst, Living Building Auditor, Living Product Assessor and Declare third-party verifier for the International Living Future Institute, Anjanette is among an elite group of experts working to bring healthier products to market. Anjanette has worked tirelessly with a wide spectrum of manufacturers assessing ingredients in supply chains and advocating for the removal of chemicals of concern that contribute to poor health and unhealthy air quality. She has authored and contributed to HPDs, EPDs, numerous Declare labels, Living Products, international PCRs as well as served on the advisory boards and peer review groups for domestic and internationally-recognized green building certification programs including USGBC’s LEED IAQ working group and is currently serving as WELL Air & Thermal Comfort advisor 2018-1019. This year, Anjanette was presented with the Living Building Challenge’s prestigious Hero Award for her contributions to the International Living Building Institute.