Passive House Tradesperson Introduction to the Standard (Enrico Bonilauri)

Full Day Workshop • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM + 1 hour lunch (included) • Thursday, Oct. 18


During the Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) Workshop at NAPHN five Units of the Emu Systems proven CPHT training curriculum will be presented. Normally this classroom material is presented during the first two mornings of a four-day course taught by Emu Systems instructors, however this NAPHN18 version will give people interested in Passive House or the certification the opportunity to get their heads into the material. This training is part of a course that prepares participants for the certification exam organized by Passive House Institute.

For this special NAPHN18 version, Enrico Bonilauri of Emu Systems will be presenting the beginning classroom material. During a November 2018 class hosted by the Green Building Alliance, in Pittsburgh, participants will be able to continue the class, dive into the final five Units of classroom instruction, and experience the hands-on elements of the full Emu curriculum.

Emu Systems' curriculum was developed specifically for the North American market and provides a high pass rate for the Passive House Institute’s Tradesperson Certification test (over 95% pass in early 2018). The Tradesperson test will be available in Pittsburgh in November. More information about Tradespeople can be found here.

Units covered in the NAPHN18 workshop are:

  • CPHT Unit 1: Passive House Basics
  • CPHT Unit 2: Passive House Economics in North America
  • CPHT Unit 3: Thermal Insulation Typical Insulation Values for Assemblies
  • CPHT Unit 4: Thermal Bridges
  • CPHT Unit 5: Windows + Transparent Components


A native of Cavriago, Italy, Enrico has a background in sustainable architecture with a specialty in building envelope design and analysis. As a registered Italian architect and a Certified Passive House Designer and PHI approved trainer, he has extensive work experience in Australia, Europe, and North America. He is particularly skilled in performing detailed computer simulations for thermal, hygrometric and economic analyses, informed by the thousands of hours he has spent on varied construction sites. Enrico is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Emu Systems. Please visit Emu Systems website for more information: