Intro to PHPP Modeling (Tomas O'Leary)

4 Hour Morning Workshop • 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM • Wednesday, Oct. 17


During this introduction to PHPP modeling, Tomás O'Leary will lead attendees through the key tools in PHPP used to model energy efficiency and ascertain compliance with the Passive House standard. Attendees will manipulate such aspects as R-values, window performance, orientation, airtightness, ventilation and more to see, in a hands-on manner, the impact of those changes on overall heating and cooling energy demand. The workshop aims to give delegates a thorough overview of the importance of PHPP in the design of Passive House projects and to encourage them to have the confidence to go 'Passive' with their projects. Attendees will be provided with a multi-family project in a pre-loaded House Planning Package (PHPP) file for the purposes of this workshop. IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop with power cord for your use during the workshop.


Tomás was one of the first accredited Passive House building certifiers licensed by the Passive House Institute. He leads a team at Passive House Academy (PHA) of experts in this field and provides specialist consulting and certification services for some of the most energy efficient and healthy buildings in the world. Tomás’ core market for these services is in the US, but he has also worked directly on projects in China, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2014 Tomás has seen an explosion in demand for consulting services on multi-family projects, especially in the US, culminating in the 26 story Cornell Tech tower in Manhattan which he certified in late 2017.