Intro Hygrothermal Analysis - WUFI Pro (Rolf Jacobson)

4 Hour Morning Workshop • 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM • Thursday, Oct. 18


In this workshop, Rolf Jacobson will start with a crash course in the building science principles of moisture and heat and then illustrate with examples of qualitative moisture analysis, Glaser (static) analysis, and 2D analysis for condensation and fRSI factors. Attendees will dive into step-by-step learning of WUFI (dynamic) moisture modeling. Rolf will teach attendees the fundamentals of WUFI result interpretation and provide a hands-on learning exercise, giving participants the opportunity to practice modeling and assessing at least 2 wall assemblies using WUFI.

IMPORTANT: Workshop attendees should bring their laptops with WUFI ORNL v5.3 (free) pre-loaded for use during the workshop. The program can be found here: then accessed by clicking on the "Free versions" link. Please also bring extension cords for laptops.


Rolf Jacobson is a Research Fellow and Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) at the Center for Sustainable Building Research. Rolf brings a strong interest in building science, particularly in the areas of residential energy efficiency, building assemblies, and moisture performance. In 2010, Rolf traveled to Norway on a Fulbright fellowship to study the building science of Passive House envelopes optimized for cold climates. While there, he used energy and moisture modeling tools such as WUFI and THERM to investigate and evaluate a wide range of residential building assemblies. More recently, Rolf has helped the NorthernSTAR Building America team conduct research on a variety of energy efficiency and building enclosure topics such as an in-situ study of residential ground source heat pumps and insulation retrofit approaches for basements. His work at the CSBR is primarily focused on high performance affordable housing and the B3 program, Minnesota’s Sustainable Building Guidelines.