Intro EnerPHit Standard (Jessica Grove-Smith and Zeno Bastian)

4 Hour Afternoon Workshop • 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM • Thursday, Oct. 18


Passive House Institute's Jessica Grove-Smith and Zeno Bastian will walk workshop attendees through the EnerPHit standard for Passive House retrofits, comparing and contrasting EnerPHit with Passive House Classic certification. They’ll share common pitfalls and challenges in Passive House retrofits and EnerPHit certification and provide examples of solutions employed by practitioners in Europe and North America.


Jessica Grove-Smith graduated with a master’s degree in physics (MPhys) from the University of Sussex in England. She has been part of the research team at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt since 2008. Her responsibilities range from stationary and dynamic energy demand modelling, climate data for the PHPP and hygrothermal simulations of individual building components. The application of the Passive House concept for indoor swimming pools has also been a main focus of her work, as well as contributions to the renewable primary energy assessment method that is being introduced for the new Passive House classes.


Zeno Bastian has worked at the Passive House Institute since 2007. He studied architecture at the Universities of Hanover and Stuttgart as well as the University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián in Spain, graduating with a major in Energy Efficient Buildings. Following his graduation, he worked as a construction site supervisor for the refurbishment of two large apartment buildings to near Passive House Standard. At the Passive House Institute, Zeno works as a senior scientist, specializing in energy retrofit with Passive House components. He is also project leader of the “Research Group on Cost-Efficient Passive Houses” and author of a comprehensive Handbook on Renovation with Passive House Components.