A Capitol Example - Stack Eight in South East DC (John Miller and Christina Snyder)

Room 2 • 2:30 – 3:00 PM • Friday, Oct. 19


New construction projects are frequently arduous, requiring the skill of developers, architects, engineers, code officials, and construction teams to bring them to life. Layering on high performance requirements such as Passive House can add overwhelming complexity for even the best team. In this session, learn about the Stack Eight affordable housing project delivering 18 for-sale stacked flats in Washington, DC that is tackling not just one performance standard, but four: Net Zero Energy, Passive House, Enterprise Green Communities, and Living Building Challenge Petal certification. While each of these standards adds richness to the project and ensures a holistic outcome, they also require a lot of creative thought to get it right. Learn about some of the policy pathways, technology, and construction techniques that make it all possible, including the innovative integration of renewable energy systems that will make net zero site energy possible by supplying most of the electrical and thermal loads of the ultra-efficient passive house buildings year-round, plus summer electrical surpluses to compensate for any cloudy day deficits.


John Miller is a founding principal at Flywheel Development LLC, a real estate development company, located in Washington, DC. John’s unusual background includes work as a real estate consultant, developer, and policy thought-leader, which includes creating guidance for appraising green and high performance commercial buildings in collaboration with the Appraisal Institute. John brings these perspectives to his company’s work, where he focuses on project entitlements and putting together winning teams that press the limits of high-performance building. John holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Duke University and a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill.


Christina Snyder is a registered architect, licensed builder, and was one of the first 13 Certified Passive House Consultants from the first class taught in the US in 2008, and became accredited by PHI as a building certifier in 2015 on behalf of CertiPHIer’s Cooperative. She has been the principal of Equilibrium Energy Spaces since 2002, consulting on several zero energy and passive house projects, performing solar site assessments, energy audits, and teaching the same subjects as an adjunct professor. She enjoys building at least as much as designing, and has learned a lot from the school of experience, like the challenges of radon. She was also a partner in a renewable energy systems installation business since 2000 until the retirement of its principal in 2010, and designed mounting systems and did solar site assessments. Christina did her thesis in Architecture at the University of Cincinnati.